The Making of A Modern Princess with

Tom & Linda Platt

The Making of a Modern Princess

“As you Wish,” repeats the adoring Westley to Buttercup  in “The Princess Bride.” What woman doesn't swoon to hear those three magic words? Sherri Mosley can relate, because when you’re in the business of dressing women, this too is your mantra. 

True to Carl Meyer’s reputation for custom tailoring, it only took a few requests for alterations to the iconic Princess Gown by Tom and Linda Platt before Sherri decided to take it straight to the horse's mouth.

“Clients were asking if it could just be made with a little less volume at the bottom, a little straighter at the hip. So I went right to Tom and Linda, and they went back to their sketch pads. They came up with a new dress, and named the design after me!”

Voila, the Sherri Dress was born! 

You won’t want to miss the Tom and Linda Platt Trunk Show this week, where the eponymous label will be sharing their fun and flirty new line of dresses made for every occasion. 

As you wish!