Brownstone Copper Cask Gift Candle for Men with Signature Bourbon
Brownstone High Gauge Copper Cask Candle for Men with Bourbon Fragrance

High Gauge Solid Copper Cask Bourbon Candle

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Bourbon never felt so good until you were next to a Brownstone Copper Cask Candle. Salient rich wood and yearling leather alongside subtle soft and creamy aromatics are an intoxicating aroma that readies a Kentucky atmosphere in any space. 

This candle is made with high gauge solid copper, makes a statement in any home or as a gift, and compliments your favorite bourbon's spice, fruity, and floral notes while amplifying its bold grain and wood notes. 

This Candle is Known to: Gift, display, and enjoy next to fine Kentucky Bourbon. 

Use case: Guys Nights, Bourbon Time, Fellowship, Gathering, Special Moments. 

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