A look Back
Our History

Carl Meyers has always been a name that is synonymous with style… from its origins in the riding apparel industry, to its current status as staple name in the wardrobes of ladies throughout Central Kentucky and beyond. 

The Meyers family opened their first clothing store in the 1920s.  Carl branched out on his own in the 1970s and began selling riding apparel for those who exhibited in the Saddlebred industry.  He spent a good portion of his life in New York but returned to Kentucky when an opportunity came about during the 2010 World Equestrian Games to begin selling not just his riding apparel, but more sophisticated ladies’ apparel as well.  This new shift in focus became quite popular, and what was intended as a pop-up shop for an event, stayed around for much longer than planned.  Sadly, Carl Meyers passed away in 2016 and the business was put up for sale by his family estate.

In March 2017, the business was purchased by Neil and Sherri Mosley.  The Mosleys met in Lexington, but after college, Neil’s work as an engineer in the coal industry led them to southeast Kentucky and then to eastern Tennessee, where they lived for over 20 years.  They had been waiting for an opportunity to get back home, and the chance to take over a business with such a prestigious reputation was just what they needed to get back to Lexington.

About the Owner

Sherri studied Merchandising, Apparel and Textiles at the University of Kentucky and later graduated with a degree in Communications and Public Relations from East Tennessee State University.  For someone who has loved fashion for as long as she can remember, the chance to select clothes for her own store was a dream come true. 

Sherri was drawn to Carl Meyers immediately as she recognized the quality of the brands that were represented in its collections, and she has continued to cultivate some of those same lines while bringing in several more of her own selection.  She loves hearing stories from Carl’s original customers and hopes to continue growing the brand and maintaining the high standard that bears his name. 

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