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Get Ready for the Breeder’s Cup With These Awesome Hats From Carl Meyers

Carl Meyers is a historic Lexington, KY fashion landmark. We specialize in formal wear as well as all the essentials for hitting the racetrack in style. The Breeder’s Cup is just around the corner and we have the hats you need! 

2022 Royal Ascot What to Wear
For all you Royalists, we don’t need to tell you the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee begins today, and the UK's revered equestrian tradition, The Royal Ascot is just around the corner.
Custom Fittings For The Mother Of
Did you ever imagine this day would come? The momentous day you give her hand away? With venue selected, date picked, and invites sent, there is another question at the top of the to-do list: what to wear on the wedding day?
Grab your Hat and Run for the Roses
Known as “the most exciting two minutes in sports,”  The Kentucky Derby is also one of the most romantic.  Traditions such as mint juleps, handmade hats, and red roses blanketing the winning horses have all become hallmarks.
A Carl Meyers Tradition is Born

In April of 2020, CM store owner Sherri Mosley interviewed her mother, Gail Smith, right here in the store. With everyone stuck at home during the early days of the pandemic,  they got creative, reminiscing and sharing stories, posting this time together at the store on Facebook.

Derby Countdown!
When she was working on Wall Street, Katie Whaley started making hats as a hobby. Working with her hands was a way to relieve the stress of eight years in her family brokerage firm, which she simply knew she “wasn’t going to survive.
The Making of A Modern Princess
“As you Wish,” repeats the adoring Westley to Buttercup  in “The Princess Bride.” What woman doesn't swoon to hear those three magic words? Sherri Mosley can relate, because when you’re in the business of dressing women, this too is your mantra. 
Hilton Hollis Spring 2022
Designer Hilton Hollis is on the road yet again and he’s headed to Kentucky with  fresh new signature pieces to add to our favorite contemporary classics. We had a chat with him en route from Tennessee. Hilton is as generous as he is charming! Here’s what he had to say:
Our Buying Strategy
Many of our customers have often asked us, “Where do you come up with these brands?  Where do you find such beautiful clothes?”  The answer to these questions begins by listening to our customer’s needs.
The New Carl Meyers Shoppable Website
Carl Meyers has always been known for its classic yet cutting edge styles.  Unfortunately, our website has always leaned more toward the classic part than the cutting edge.
Our History
Carl Meyers has always been a name that is synonymous with style… from its origins in the riding apparel industry, to its current status as staple name in the wardrobes of ladies throughout Central Kentucky and beyond. 

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