Our Buying Strategy

Our Buying Strategy

Many of our customers have often asked us, “Where do you come up with these brands? Where do you find such beautiful clothes?” The answer to these questions begins by listening to our customer’s needs.

Some of our clients may need sportswear, others business attire, or maybe there is a wedding on the horizon, and they are the mother of the bride or groom. We also stay aware of current and future events in our area, whether it be fundraising galas, Keeneland meets or the Kentucky Derby. We keep all these things in mind when starting our purchasing process.

We, like many other retailers, find our collections by “going to market”- in our case this process most often occurs in New York and Atlanta. Designers typically create two collections each year, Spring and Fall, and invite retail partners to their showrooms in various US cities where they showcase their latest wares. Pieces from those lines are selected and purchased. A few brands allow us to customize lengths, color combinations and fabrics, to give our clients that truly custom feel! During this process, we as buyers, are given the opportunity to truly appreciate the quality of the fabrics (often from Italy) and craftsmanship of the materials brought into the garment district from around the world.

The selection process occurs several months in advance. For example, clothing for Fall of a given year is chosen in January and February. We choose specific color palettes and silhouettes that tell a story and will hang nicely with all our brands. During our selection process, we make sure to pick timeless pieces that will travel with you from generation to generation.  

Once we return home from market, we then begin to receive these items at various times during the following season.

A major highlight is getting the chance to meet the designers and form a relationship with them. We talk with them one on one about our customers, which gives them insight into helping us select the perfect pieces for our store. Going to market, experiencing the excitement of Fashion Week and seeing all the upcoming trends and styles is what makes our job so much fun! We hope this gives you more insight into our buying strategy at Carl Meyers.

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