A Carl Meyers Mother's Day Tradition is Born

In April of 2020, CM store owner Sherri Mosley interviewed her mother, Gail Smith, right here in the store. With everyone stuck at home during the early days of the pandemic,  they got creative, reminiscing and sharing stories, posting this time together at the store on Facebook.

My mother (Sherri’s grandmother) was a seamstress, and a darned good one! She used to make everything she wore — and everything I wore! She even made Sheri's prom dress. Of course, growing up I would say I wanted a store-bought dress, all my friends had store-bought dresses!” laughed Gail. “Then she was tempted to make a blazer. As she was sewing on the collar she said, ‘If I ever live to finish this jacket, I will never sew again! And she stood at her word!”

Watch the Full Interview with Sherri & Her Mom

Sadly, Sherri lost her mother last year, making that moment together even more treasured, and poignant. In Gail’s honor, Sherri is starting a new Carl Meyers Mothers Day tradition! This year, store manager Haley Gatewood shares a mother-daughter conversation with her own mother, Faye Gooding. Close relationships are central to our boutique’s identity, and the reason why we feel our customers are Carl Meyers extended family. 

Store Manager Haley Gatewood Shares Her Mother-Daughter Story

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We are very grateful to our store manager, Haley, for all that she does every day to make Carl Meyers the incredible fashion experience it is today! Faye's experience with her mother inspired this new tradition, and we'd love for you to join in the magic!

If you have a Carl Meyers story to share with us, we would love to hear it! Comment below or send us a message and share your Carl Meyers story today!

A chat with store manager Haley and her mother, Faye ahead of Mother’s Day

HALEY: People have asked, who is Carl? Although he’s no longer alive, for long-time clients, he was a legend. He was like the Halston of Lexington! Carl’s  family had a department store downtown, called Meyers. They  would go there as children for their peacoat and their riding habits. So Carl started designing high end riding apparel, and later opened his store on Clay Avenue. His became a destination for all the ladies in town looking for high quality riding apparel. That’s how he built his brand. For the people who know his legacy, they don’t want the name to change! 

JESSICA: When did Meyers close as a department store? 

HALEY: That we don’t know! A lot of our clients don’t want to reveal their age! They laugh and say “Of course you were probably too young for Meyers, but I remember when..” I think my mother was a child – 

FAYE: Yes, we used to go there! We would go downtown to shop for clothes. It was so long ago!

HALEY: You do, mom? So was it about 35, 40  years ago?

FAYE: It would have to be 50, 52 years ago. The important thing is, Carl Meyer’s today hangs on to what has been lost – the personal touch! It’s the secret to their success. Haley dresses women! They come in and ask her personal advice, and they get her individual attention. 

HALEY: This is so true. This is why we say it’s the Carl Meyers extended family! I am obsessed with customer service. We have clients who come in 2-3 times a week! Since Covid and launching our online store, even if they’re out of town, they’ll use the website to browse, ordering online or calling in from their homes in Florida. Since I know these women, their tastes, their personalities, their bodies, I can advise and make selections. 

JESSICA: And how about you Faye, do you shop at Carl Meyers? 

FAYE: Of course! All my favorite pieces are from Carls.

JESSICA: Well, Mother’s Day is around the corner! Do you two have any Mother’s Day traditions?

FAYE: We’ve always had a really nice Mother’s day. During Covid, since we couldn't all get together we would each have individual ones. Haley was the second of three girls. She was a Christmas baby, born in Wichita Kansas on Dec 21. Haley’s Comet was in the news — thats how we got her name. She’s like a little comet in my life! Going through space, she found me!

HALEY: I was born in a blizzard during the winter solstice! 

FAYE:  She was born at midnight, too! She’s my winter princess. 

JESSICA: What a great story!

FAYE: We have an unusually close relationship! We’re probably too close. I get together with my girls at least once a week, to stay connected and touch base. 

HALEY: Mom has to make time for 3 very different daughters. We are all five years apart — she used to say, every time one went into preschool, she wanted another baby! We are each very unique, with very different lives, always in different phases. Mom does a great job making us all feel special. 

JJ: Faye you mentioned you are retired now. Does that mean, when you were raising three daughters, you worked as well?

FAYE: Of course, I had to do it all! I worked full time in the Finance Cabinet for the State Government – 

HALEY: Mom’s really good with money! 

JJ: What was that like for you, having a working mom as a role model?

HALEY: Seeing two working parents growing up instills a serious work ethic in you. My mother went on 100% of my field trips, recitals etc. She was always there for all 3 of us.  And she also allowed and encouraged working. So I had a full time job before I graduated college! I was doing 21 hours a week of school work, and 40 hours a week at my job, pretty much the whole time I was in college. I enjoyed the stress and the challenge. Afterwards, while my friends struggled doing internships in ‘explorer mode’, I was all set. I have always worked hard and it has served me well…I  developed my passions at a very young age. And I like to spend money! What’s that saying? “It’s better to beg for forgiveness than ask for permission?” 

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